Your managed XPLAN site

One of the benefits of XPLAN is that it can be highly configured to meet the specific needs of an individual practice or dealer group. This means that it can be built around your business rules and processes, and to suit the needs of your financial advisers and their clients. Working in partnership with you, our technology solutions team can help you build a highly-customised XPLAN site for your business based on your business processes and needs.

Advice documents and workflow threads

If you would like to build and develop your own XPLAN site, our team of technology solutions consultants can support you in two ways.

1. Customised build

We can develop and build the following documents and associated wizards tailored to your needs.

  • Statements of advice (long, short, SMSF, risk only)
  • SoA summary of advice
  • Records of advice
  • Review documents
  • Client fact finds
  • Letters (including fee disclosure statements and opt-in)
  • Work flow threads

2. XPLAN Model Office

Setting up and maintaining an XPLAN site can eat up valuable resources and time within an advice business – and distract staff from servicing clients and focusing on growing the business.

Model Office is a great way to get started with XPLAN because it gives you access to a range of existing financial planning tools to help you manage your workflows and create advice documents for your clients through XPLAN. We can add your branding, disclaimers, and disclosures as well as make changes to text and re-order documents. You can also tailor the wizards, threads and workflows to your needs.

Templates and wizards

The wizards within Model Office are designed to help you build financial advice documents quickly and easily with the information you’ve already entered and calculated within XPLAN. Our wizards are more intuitive, comprehensive and offer greater flexibility than many out-of-the-box solutions.

  • A choice of full or short form fact-find wizards
  • SoA summary of advice
  • SoA wizard (long, short, SMSF, risk only)
  • Review statement wizard
  • RoA wizard
  • Suite of letter templates
Workflows and threads

Model Office includes pre-set workflows and threads that enable your office to manage a sequence of tasks and allows users to allocate tasks to different users.

Support and training

Model Office support
  • Model Office set up and configuration
  • Training
  • Ongoing fortnightly updates
  • Help desk support and issue escalation
XPLAN support
  • Manage your XPLAN licensing requirements
  • Build and configure your managed XPLAN site
  • Data conversion management
  • Data feed setup and troubleshooting
  • Pathway help desk support and issue escalation
  • Face-to-face or online training
  • Group classroom training
  • Monthly online webinars
  • Access to online videos

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