XPLAN solutions

Whether you’re looking for a highly customised XPLAN site or one that is simple to use and maintain, we can help you implement the right solution to suit the needs of your practice and your clients.

We support different types of advice businesses, from large dealer groups to small financial planning practices.

  • Our Model Office solution gives you access to pre-built templates, wizards threads and workflows to help you make the most of XPLAN.
  • We have our own central XPLAN site solution that enables clients to leverage the skills of a professional to manage their XPLAN and receive the benefits of a suite of maintained advice documents, without the additional cost of running their own site.
  • We can build your own managed XPLAN site that can be highly-customised for your business needs and processes.


Summary of our XPLAN solutions

Pathway XPLAN central site Your managed XPLAN site
You can plug into our XPLAN central site and gain the benefits of a full suite of advice
templates, letters and threads.
We build your managed XPLAN site to your exact needs.
Ability to customise Low Medium – High
Advice documents and workflows Pre-built (through Model Office) Choose from 2 options:
1) Pre-built (through Model Office)
2) Custom built
XPLAN support Yes Yes
Training Yes Yes

Find out more about the XPLAN central site or creating your own managed site.