XPLAN financial planning software service

Financial planning software can be an extremely powerful tool and an integral part of an effectively run financial advice business. As a financial advice business grows, it often seeks ways to enhance its business model and to find efficiencies through the use of integrated financial planning software.

The benefit of effective financial planning software

An effective use of financial planning software can help you to:

  • Generate standardised Financial Advice documents through templates, wizards and threads rather than cutting and pasting from previous work – reducing the risk of error
  • Improve workflow and task management to enable a greater level of automation for repetitive tasks
  • Allow client management and paraplanning staff to undertake more valuable work, enabling the financial adviser up to spend more time with clients
  • Provide a cost-effective service to less profitable clients


Find out more about templates, wizards, threads and workflows.

We’ve built our Model Office solution to help you make the most of the XPLAN  and we can tailor solutions to your specific needs as well as provide ongoing help and support.

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