Model Office – templates, wizards, threads and workflows

Using financial planning technology can help you to improve and streamline your business processes.  Model Office can help you and your staff increase practice productivity.

Model Office is a comprehensive software solution that enhances XPLAN and gives you access to pre-built templates, wizards, threads and workflows. Alternatively, we can build customised XPLAN site to meet your specific business needs.

Model Office templates and wizards

The wizards within Model Office are designed to help you build financial advice documents quickly and easily with the information you’ve already entered and calculated within XPLAN. Our wizards are more intuitive, comprehensive and offer greater flexibility than the out-of-the-box solution. They include:

  • A choice of full or short form fact-find wizards
  • SoA wizard
  • Review Statement wizard
  • RoA wizard


Model Office workflows and threads

Model Office includes pre-set threads that enable your office to manage a sequence of tasks and allows users to allocate tasks to different users. We can help you set up and customise your XPLAN site as well as provide ongoing help and support.

To find out how you can get the most out of Model Office templates, wizards, threads and workflows, please contact us.